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PrimaOptix – Reaching for the Stars

A Telescope Store for StarGazers, Owned and Operated by StarGazers.

Our Story

PrimaOptix Founder Scott SlusserAs long as I can remember I have been looking up at the stars. Watching meteor showers from the back of my grandfathers pickup truck, he would point out the constellations and then tell the stories about the mythical heroes and beasts. He would remind us that the stars will always help us to get home if we just knew the secret.

As time went by I learned the secrets. On a bluff overlooking the Ohio River as a preteen on a college campus I learned. In my backyard with a borrowed equatorial mount, I learned. I taught my children, and now I am teaching their children.

Our Philosophy

I founded PrimaOptix to be the prime location to find the best deals on telescopes and telescope accessories.
All of us here strive to give you, the customer, an experience that you tell your friends about. 100% Customer Satisfaction is our main goal. If we don’t achieve this goal, call us, we will make it right.
Whether you are seasoned astronomer or just getting started, PrimaOptix has everything you need to see the galaxy.


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